About Your Carpentry

“Elevate your living spaces with our expert carpentry services, where craftsmanship meets customization. 

Exterior carpentry is the art and skill of crafting and installing wooden elements outside a structure. From exquisite PVC or Cedar finish work to framing a custom home or adding an addition our skilled carpenters will bring your vision to life.  Exterior carpentry enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of a property. Quality craftsmanship in outdoor woodwork not only adds curb appeal but also contributes to the overall durability and value of your home.

At SFT, our exterior carpentry services are a testament to craftsmanship, quality, and a commitment to transforming your outdoor spaces into living works of art. Whether you’re envisioning custom trim details that add character to your home’s facade, a new addition or deck that becomes an outdoor oasis, or a meticulously crafted porch that welcomes guests with style, our skilled carpenters will bring your ideas to life.

At SFT we specialize in creating outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our expertise covers a wide range of exterior carpentry services, including but not limited to:

 1. Framing Custom Houses and Additions (wood & Metal) Interior & Exterior – we build from the ground up, work from blueprints, work with architects & engineers onsite

 2. Remove Walls, Framing larger openings in your Home – Install beams (LVL & Metal) and Create larger openings for doors & windows

3. PVC/ Extira (Exterior MDF) Trims, Cladding – Finish trims and build outs/ Post wrapped in PVC/ Extira ready for painting

4. Wood Cladding/ Soffit: Post and build outs in Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pine (stained, finish coat)

5. Siding Installation: Enhance your home’s appearance and protection with various siding materials, such as vinyl, wood, fiber cement, or metal.

6. Deck Construction: Create inviting outdoor spaces with custom-designed decks, utilizing different wood species or composite materials for durability.

7. Trim and Molding: Add character to your home with carefully crafted trim and molding, emphasizing architectural details and creating a polished exterior.

8. Window and Door Framing: Ensure proper installation and sealing of windows and doors for both aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.

9. Porch Construction: Build functional and stylish porches, offering additional living space and boosting your home’s curb appeal.

10. Gazebo and Pergola Installation: Create unique outdoor retreats with beautifully designed gazebos or pergolas, providing shade and a focal point for your yard.

11. Shutter Installation: Install decorative or functional shutters to complement your home’s architectural style and protect windows during storms.

12. Custom Carpentry Details: From intricate brackets to decorative corbels, exterior carpentry can include custom elements that showcase craftsmanship and personalize your home.

13. Exterior Staircases: Craft durable and visually appealing staircases for seamless transitions between different levels of your property.

14. Fence and Gate Construction: Establish boundaries and enhance security with well-designed fences and gates, utilizing materials like wood, metal, or composite materials.

Each type of exterior carpentry contributes to the overall aesthetics, functionality, and value of your property, providing a personalized touch to your outdoor spaces.

Transform your home!  Choose our carpentry expertise for timeless, tailored solutions that redefine the way you experience and enjoy your living spaces.”

SFT Quality Workmanship